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Web design questions?Im interested in pursueing web design as a career, and i was just wondering if you guys had any web sites that list skills that i should try and build up that would help me. Also, if any of you out there are web designers, how much do you generally make, like is it by commission or what? Thanks in advance.

Posted by david c
[display_name id=”1″]Web Design is a good career to go for. There are tons of jobs for people out there in this field. Here are the main skills you will need to focus on at first.


a server side language (PHP, Ruby, C# for ASP.NET)
PHP is the most common and probably the best for beginners.

You should also be familiar with the following software too.

A decent Text Editor (Sublime, Textmate)

There are some great tutorials online to follow. Here is a list of websites you should be following daily.

Smashing Magazine (a blog about web design and development and best practices)

Tutsplus (A blog with tutorials on Photoshop, Illustrator and web development)

Shay Howe – Learn Web Design (A tutorial site on Web Design HTML and CSS best practices)

I would also like to recommend a book called ‘Above the Fold’. If you can get your hands on this book this will go over the surface of web design. It explains all the areas of Web Design and will give you a good grasp on what it really takes to build a well branded website that meets the needs of the clients.

As for how much a web designer can make it really varies. I started out at 20 an hour and now I make anywhere from 30-40. I am still learning myself as I am not at the elite level in my area.

I also want to add something. If it seems that there are no jobs or you are having troubles finding jobs, then you will have to create the jobs you work at. A lot of companies don’t even have an online presence yet and it will be your job to find them and help them take their business to the next level online.

What is web designing?I want to know in detail what actually web designing is?
What are the courses/fields related to it?
How to get the admission?

Posted by Mary
[display_name id=”1″]Web design is the skills of creating presentation of content (usually hypertext or hypermedia) that are delivered to an end – user through

The courses are related to :-

CSS(cascading style sheet),
HTML5 etc

To get the admission the following requirement are need.

A working knowledge of HTML and CSS hand coding to W3C standards. Complete this self test to determine whether you need to complete this pre-course. Include your score in your application statement.

If your score was below 70%, we recommend the standalone course, Foundations of Web Design & Development (formerly Introduction to Web Publishing). You may begin this online course at any time and complete it within 3 months of your date of registration. You must complete this Foundations course before the first class in this Certificate program.

A working knowledge of
using a current Windows or Mac operating system
word processing and office productivity tools
standard Internet communication tools, e.g., SFTP and email.

Computer graphics fundamentals and familiarity with a basic image editing or paint program desirable.

Completion of at least two years of college preferred.

Web design classes??My school just came out with a new class that is called web design… Is that where you learn and make your own website???? Cause it seems like an ineresting class…

Posted by Gothic Girl
[display_name id=”1″]Web Design is a very general term. There are many aspects involved in designing web sites, and I suggest researching what your school is offering.

For example, some of the most common types of code used to create websites are HTML, XHTML, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, Flash, XML, and ColdFusion. Now, don’t let that deter you from wanting to learn. Not every web designer knows all of these languages, and it isnt necessary either.

Each type of language has its own method’s for doing things. HTML is the most basic. You can use this alone to create a website. However, advanced features (pull down menus, forms, etc.) require knowledge beyond basic HTML. Does your school offer this in this class?

Secondly, web design also requires graphics. There are places you can go and pay someone to make them for you, or you can learn them yourself. Granted, they are not a necessity, but make web-pages more aesthetically pleasing.

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