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Best WordPress SEO plugin?

Which is the best WordPress SEO plugin?

Posted by tropicalconsulting
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All In One SEO is definitely one of the best known which is why so many people recommend it and I've used it without problems on a variety of sites and hosts so I wouldn't be too concerned about resource usage as mentioned in a previous answer. Ultimately if it doesn't work for you you can uninstall it and try something else :-) It is a pretty good plugin IMO.

The most comprehensive SEO plugin is probably WordPress SEO by Yoast (link below) which has a multitude of options and settings to play with so it's also one of the most complicated. Is it the best? Not necessarily but it is laden with features.

There is no simple answer to "the best" really, it comes down to experimentation and finding the plugin or combination of plugins that work best for you and your sites and that you find the most pleasant to work with. There are so many to choose from and none of them take care of every single optimization strategy so often a combination of several plugins ends up being commonplace.

I've listed a link to the plugin repository below based on a search for "traffic + SEO". This only provides the free plugins of course and their are countless paid solutions too that vary in quality and effectiveness but there are certainly some very cool ones that do things none of the free plugins can.

As a point of interest, it is often better to have a properly optimized theme which will do away with the need for many of the SEO plugins and help a site's load time etc. I stopped using All In One SEO for example when I started using an optimized framework but I still use a couple of additional plugins to help with very specific SEO settings and tasks. I particularly like WP Traffic Force (no longer currently available unfortunately) and SEOPressor was very good too. Other plugins are very task specific, building backlinks, optimizing and structuring keywords and internal linking, increasing visitor interraction or social media integration etc. They all may have a role to play on your own sites or they may not. The beauty of plugins is that they can be added and removed with a few clicks and with the free ones at least, you can't really lose.

What is Negative SEO?

I am just confused about term Negative SEO? It methods and how we can know our site got hit by negative SEO?

Posted by Laiba
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Competitors are always a major part of any business whether is it is physical or online. SEO business also has competition of ranking and to surpass in earning by a quality site. Ranking is the backbone of SEO and our competitor can hurt our ranking in search engine. Competitors can use malevolent activities to hurt the ranking of our site and to bring their own site in search engine ranking.
Many people use white hat SEO to get this ranking but some use the opposite way. They don’t improve their site ranking and quality instead they start to attack on the other’s site to bring it down in ranking. This technique is called Negative SEO.
Every webmaster want to deal with negative SEO as soon as possible so I would like to share some points related to malicious attack on our site for my all new learners of SEO ( me too ).
Those points are:
Malicious Attack:
Most common used practice is to have malicious attack on other’s site in which competitors hacks the detail of our site, get in to detail, make changes in robots.txt files and put Spammy content on our site. Spammy content is against the rules of Google so they use it to hurt the ranking of site in the eye of Google.
Bad/Un-natural links:
In this method competitors created un-natural or bad links for the site which they want to hurt. For this bad links they use Adults, gambling and casino related sites to create backlinks for your sites and pay to those sites webmasters. When Google check the bad links than ranking start to drop down and site get hurt badly.
Spam Reports Preparation:
In this practice reports are send to Google that site is working against the rules and guidelines of Google. Google consider it abusing and check the whole site and working to see if you are doing anything which Google doesn’t allow. If Google find this our site can be penalized and competitors can bring their site in ranking.
Ways to check if negative SEO has been done to our site:
If we want to check that if there any negative SEO has been done to our site or not we should follow these ways.
1: use Google Webmaster Tool to check the stats of our sites and have check and balance on back links. Google Webmaster Tool notifies us if there is any malware or bad link found. So if we find anything unusual it’s time to take action to correct it.
2: if any sudden drop down in traffic has been found than there is a lot of chance that negative SEO has been done to our site. Analytics data will report all the change in traffic. We should also check all stats to make it sure we are doing nothing against Google Webmaster guidelines.
So these were the things which will let us know about when our competitors try to hurt the ranking or traffic of our site. Next I will publish how to recover from negative SEO.

Seo websites are good or bad?

What do you like or dislike about SEO type of websites; including forums?

Posted by mrlace2003
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SEO topic today is a great thing. More and more people are getting into the SEO thing to improve their online promotions and marketing. Well, your question really has to depend on the content. There are many good contents about SEO. And I must say that once you read one, you will really learn something from it. But, there are people who are taking advantage of people's needs. Some tagged "SEO experts" would not share their knowledge until they receive something in return. My opinion on this is that, there is no secret in SEO. It is an open book. It is just a matter of understanding what search engines do. Of course, no SEO advice is perfect. SEO is good but it depends on the kind of situation you are in.


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