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Social Media Marketing

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Is NGO a sector where social media marketing can be done?Is it fair to do social media marketing for NGOs?

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[display_name id=”1″]Social media marketing is necessary for the NGO. NGO are really serving the society by providing the best services without any profit motive. They work towards human empowerment and sustainable development. So promoting and raising funds through the social media is the fair activity. There are lot of people across the world are connect to the social media . People who are really interested in donating funds for NGO go through it and donate.


How do businesses using Social Media?How do businesses use social media to establish relationship marketing with their customers?

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[display_name id=”1″]Social Media Marketing is a factor of Relationship marketing. It is designed to develop strong connections with customers by providing them with information directly suited to their needs and interests and by promoting open communication. Http:// is a marketing company engaged in promoting business to maximise profit. One of the ways they adopt is also social book marking.

There are so many different social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc). Through these social media you are connected to verity of different people; friends, colleagues, bosses, university friends, business men, teachers and even people who you have not seen face to face or just once at party. So this is very important to understand the platform you are using, thus the relationship you have with a specific person before leave any content for professional achievements.

Currently it has become common to approach someone for job help via social media, and being more specific in questions means that you have searched for that.

Social media are great for setting up a relationship but don’t miss the traditional face to face ways of interactions, be offline sometimes. Face to face interactions let you to build a stronger relationship with more confident.

Location based Social Networks are nowadays getting a great deal of attraction. Adding location data to social networks can increase the visitors as it is the most important characteristics of social media. Social networks should look at the motivation of their users for share their locations.

This is a fact that if you miss social media for marketing your business, you miss great benefits.

What is the benefit of social media marketing?

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[display_name id=”1″]Social media marketing offers many ways to generate these links for little or no cost – articles, social media sites and blogs are just a few examples. Social bookmarking is another.

With bookmarking, you save bookmarks to blog posts, articles and web pages (including your own). You tag them with a “keyword” of your own choosing (preferably related to your business). You can then add a “tag cloud” to your website. The tag cloud contains the tags you have created and directs users to the bookmarks you have saved for that tag.

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